Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello again.. I have always been a big fan of the Pet Shop Boys, I think their sound is very unique which shows on this album.
This album follows a series of 12" dance remix songs of various albums, this one comes from the album "Please" and is similar to Introspective, although this album was released before introspective in 1986.
My favorite track would be "In the Night" with its pumping synths and meaty beats. As with Introspective, this album only has 6 tracks but is long enough so it doesn't become boring as the songs go for 6-9 minutes.. Great album ..

 Track listings are =

1 = In the Night ( extended remix )

2 = Suburbia ( the full horror remix )

3 = Opportunities ( version latina )

4 = Paninaro ( italian remix )

5 = Love come Quickly ( shep pettibone remix )

6 = West end Girls ( shep pettibone disco mix )

Love their work...CLICK HERE to Download "Pet Shop Boys" and more from my Mixtape series.....Enjoy


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