Friday, February 18, 2011

THE FIXX - stand or fall ( lost hit )

Hi again ... This is one song that i cant get out of my head, "stand or fall" was off the album "shuttered room" and came out in 1982. Triple m in Sydney used to play "stand or fall" often but you don't hear it now ( shame ).. The guitar riffs are brilliant and the smooth sounding synths make it a great song ... also of this album is another hit called "red skies at night".. both videos are below..cheers

THE FIXX - stand or fall   (Thanks to freaksforum for the video)

THE FIXX  - red skies at night   (thanks to TheFixxVEVO for the video)


  1. 1982 was my favorite year of all time .this song is a testament to that great song magic memories....

    Mike d

  2. Today is horrible .no comparison to back then....shame.


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