Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE EXPRESSION - with closed eyes ( lost hits )

Hi again ... This one hit wonder caused a big stir in the making of the video in 1984, There were 2 versions made, One was Australian and one for the USA. The problem being that the Australian version showed alot of war scenes and the Americans weren't big on war in video's so they made a more subtle video..This single came off the album "the expression". Enjoy both videos..

The Expression - with closed eyes ( Australian version )

With closed eyes  ( U.S. version )

Great song. CLICK HERE to download album ... Click "try it" and copy and paste link.. Make note of password on the site .. Cheers

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  1. "Americans weren't big on war in video's"....are you serious? The U.S didn't like the video because it (rightly) implicated their government in their role arming and training the Contra rebels in an attempt to support the right-wing, human rights abusing dictator Somoza in his attempts to suppress popular (left wing) revolt.

    That is why the video was suppressed in America - it showed U.S Army materiel being used to kill Nicaraguan citizens. So much for free speech in America.


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