Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CABARET VOLTAIRE - hypnotised ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Going back to late 1989 i used to listen to Triple j ( radio ) alot mainly because they had a segment on Saturday night where people would ring up and request songs... One of the songs that caught my ear was this song.... Late 1989 was hard time for me as i spent 4 months in hospital ( broken pelvis 4 places - dislocated shoulder - massive internal injury's ) = (bike accident ) so i kinda looked forward to a little cheering up or being forced to watch "hey-hey its Saturday" on tv  ( it was quite funny ).. so yes ,this song has great meaning to me, hope you enjoy ...


Love the scenes of Chicago and the people in it, and the bit in the middle that sounds like a star wars fighting scene..The album that this song came of was called groovy, laidback and nasty.
CLICK HERE to Download "Hypnotised" and more from my Mixtape series ....Enjoy

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