Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC - lexicon of love

Hello and welcome back... This album has a lot of meaning for me, do you ever hear a song and instantly you are taken to a place or time in your life.. this is one of those albums. When i was 13 i was lucky enough to go to my nans place and stay the weekend, mainly to give me a break from my siblings and also give my mother a break. I often never went to sleep at my nans ... I was too excited and often lay awake and listen to the radio under my pillow, often hearing the song "all of my heart" as i would look out the window and see the twinkle of lights of the city of Campbelltown at 2am ( my nan lived on top of a hill ). And now when i hear this song "all of my heart" it often brings a tear to my eye as i remember my nan and of happier times... Miss you nan.
Track listing is =
1 = show me

2 = poison arrow

3 = many happy returns

4 = tears are not enough

5 = valentines day

6 = look of love

7 = date stamp

8 = all of my heart

9 = 4 ever 2 gether

10 = look of love ( part 4 )

An excellent and heartfelt album..... CLICK HERE to Download "ABC" and more from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy


  1. ABC is still brilliant - enjoy the new Fansite:



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