Monday, February 28, 2011


Hi and welcome back... This is another album I found at my local library in my teens, great blend of synths, electric drums and the magic voice of Mark Hollis..
Set free in 1982 the album had the same producer as Duran Duran's first albums, with that raw edginess before they went mainstream. 'The Partys Over' had a few hits of this album including "It's so Serious", "Today", "Talk Talk" and "The Party's Over" which is my pick of the album .. love its melodic synths and the driving beat..

This album was huge in south africa going to No1 in the music charts while it's hometown U.K it only managed no23.. See the South Africans know good music  : )

Track listings are =

 1 = TALK TALK  (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

2 = ITS SO SERIOUS  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)

3 = TODAY  (Thanks to emimusic for the video)

4 = THE PARTYS OVER (LIVE = amazing)... (Thanks to WhackaWhacka for the video)

5 =HATE (live) ... (Thanks to dumdumfriend for the video)

6 = HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS?  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)

7 = MIRROR MAN  (Live)     (Thanks to Raizo Mania for the video)

8 = ANOTHER WORLD  (Thanks to ColourOfSpring for the video)


A10/10 album

Brilliant .. if you get the chance to see them live it's well worth the effort.....CLICK HERE to Download "Talk Talk" and more from my Mixtape series .....cheers.

Friday, February 25, 2011

THE TIMELORDS - doctor'n the tardis ( lost hits )

Hi and welcome back... The timelords ( time boy & lord rock ) were a novelty band that were better known as " the klf ", aka "the jams" or "justified ancients of mu mu" ... I am a huge fan of "the klf" ( Kopyright Liberation Front )  and have traveled 2.5 hours just to get their chill out album when it first came out ( that's dedication for you ).Doctorin the tardis is a mash up song of the Dr Who theme and Gary glitters song = rock & roll part 2 and it was a huge song... went to no1 in the U.K. and no10 in Australia but it was also the car in the video that stole the limelight, named "ford timelord" it was a ford galaxy done up as a U.S police cruiser.. The video was shot at a RAF base (  yatesbury ) in Wiltshire , U.K. and cost around 8,000 pound to make.
My favourite songs of the klf would be "wichita lineman was a song i once heard" ( it puts chills up my spine ) and "last train to trancentral".. both videos are below.. enjoy a little slice of heaven :)

THE TIMELORDS  - doctorin the tardis

THE KLF - wichita linesman was a song i once heard

THE KLF - last train to trancentral

Excellent stuff ... CLICK HERE to Download this song and more from my Mixtape series..... cheers

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ABC - lexicon of love

Hello and welcome back... This album has a lot of meaning for me, do you ever hear a song and instantly you are taken to a place or time in your life.. this is one of those albums. When i was 13 i was lucky enough to go to my nans place and stay the weekend, mainly to give me a break from my siblings and also give my mother a break. I often never went to sleep at my nans ... I was too excited and often lay awake and listen to the radio under my pillow, often hearing the song "all of my heart" as i would look out the window and see the twinkle of lights of the city of Campbelltown at 2am ( my nan lived on top of a hill ). And now when i hear this song "all of my heart" it often brings a tear to my eye as i remember my nan and of happier times... Miss you nan.
Track listing is =
1 = show me

2 = poison arrow

3 = many happy returns

4 = tears are not enough

5 = valentines day

6 = look of love

7 = date stamp

8 = all of my heart

9 = 4 ever 2 gether

10 = look of love ( part 4 )

An excellent and heartfelt album..... CLICK HERE to Download "ABC" and more from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy

Monday, February 21, 2011


Hello , welcome back... How do i introduce this next song ?? First time i heard this song i thought "what the hell is this?".. Did Arnold Schwarzenegger join a band? .. no.. this was done by a chap called Steve Wright who was/is a broadcaster for BBC radio 1. This song was written
in two hours, start to finish, lyrics , music and all over an evening..Not bad for a catchy song.. love it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

GENERAL PUBLIC - tenderness ( lost hit )

Hi, welcome back ... So... What would you little maniacs like to do first? Those are the words first spoken by the luscious Kelly Lebrock in the hit movie "weird science". This movie has to be one of my favourite 80s movies and often the music that came with the movie was what made a movie huge.The one song that got my attention was at the end when Gary and Wyatt drop off their girlfriends next morning after the party and the song tenderness plays in the background... It makes me go fuzzy all over.. love it.

GENERAL PUBLIC  - tenderness


Awesome......CLICK HERE to Download this song & others from my Mixtape series.....cheers.

Friday, February 18, 2011

THE FIXX - stand or fall ( lost hit )

Hi again ... This is one song that i cant get out of my head, "stand or fall" was off the album "shuttered room" and came out in 1982. Triple m in Sydney used to play "stand or fall" often but you don't hear it now ( shame ).. The guitar riffs are brilliant and the smooth sounding synths make it a great song ... also of this album is another hit called "red skies at night".. both videos are below..cheers

THE FIXX - stand or fall   (Thanks to freaksforum for the video)

THE FIXX  - red skies at night   (thanks to TheFixxVEVO for the video)


Hello again.. I have always been a big fan of the Pet Shop Boys, I think their sound is very unique which shows on this album.
This album follows a series of 12" dance remix songs of various albums, this one comes from the album "Please" and is similar to Introspective, although this album was released before introspective in 1986.
My favorite track would be "In the Night" with its pumping synths and meaty beats. As with Introspective, this album only has 6 tracks but is long enough so it doesn't become boring as the songs go for 6-9 minutes.. Great album ..

 Track listings are =

1 = In the Night ( extended remix )

2 = Suburbia ( the full horror remix )

3 = Opportunities ( version latina )

4 = Paninaro ( italian remix )

5 = Love come Quickly ( shep pettibone remix )

6 = West end Girls ( shep pettibone disco mix )

Love their work...CLICK HERE to Download "Pet Shop Boys" and more from my Mixtape series.....Enjoy

Monday, February 14, 2011

JOHN PAUL YOUNG - soldier of fortune ( lost hits )

Hi again... I was never a big fan of John Paul Young ( not my taste in music ). This is about the only song i liked which i heard on a compilation tape called "1983 - summer breaks" DOWNLOAD HERE.. i loved these tapes , i wish record company's would release these on CD.. I would buy them in a instant.The video for this song looks like it cost about $5 to make and makes heavy use of a lazer light display with a few "aussie" animals thrown in and the wonderful sounds of didgeridoos for added depth. Love it.

Many thanks to for the link ( MEGSSY.. WHERE HAVE YOU GONE ? )
Also CLICK HERE to Download "John Paul Young" and more from my Mixtape series....... cheers. 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

FREUR - doot doot ( lost hit )

Hello again... Before they were "Underworld" they were known as "Freur" and came out with this one hit wonder in 1983. The band originally had only a graphic 'squiggle' for a name then when the band got a recording contract,the label insisted on a pronounceable name,and the band made the compromise that the squiggle was pronounced Freur. The squiggle is below ( you can see where prince thought of the idea ) aka the symbol.

FREUR - doot-doot

This song was also used briefly in the movie "vanilla sky"... CLICK HERE  to download full album... cheers

UNDERWORLD - underneath the radar

Hi and welcome back.. I first heard this song called "underneath the radar" on a compilation album called "88 kix on"( DOWNLOAD HERE ).. Underworld used to be known as " Freur " and had the hit "doot-doot". After a change in record company's they changed their name to Underworld and released this album in 1988. The album is a huge favorite of mine because it mixes the right blend of guitars with synths then add electric drums and it becomes heaven on a stick. My favorite song would be "i need a doctor" with its heavy use of a voice vocoder, it sounds amazing, so good in fact ch9 wide world of sports played it when doing a replay of sporting accidents.
Track listing is =

 1 = glory glory

 2 = call me no.1

 3 = rubber ball

 4 = show some emotion

 5 = underneath the radar
6 = miracle party

7 = i need a doctor

8 = bright white flame

9 = pray

10 = the god song

Not big on videos... shame ,After this album they had the single "stand up" and then went on to do "born slippy" in the 90s

UNDERWORLD - stand up

UNDERWORLD - born slippy

Excellent ... CLICK HERE to Download "Underneath the Radar and more from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy

Thursday, February 10, 2011

THE EXPRESSION - with closed eyes ( lost hits )

Hi again ... This one hit wonder caused a big stir in the making of the video in 1984, There were 2 versions made, One was Australian and one for the USA. The problem being that the Australian version showed alot of war scenes and the Americans weren't big on war in video's so they made a more subtle video..This single came off the album "the expression". Enjoy both videos..

The Expression - with closed eyes ( Australian version )

With closed eyes  ( U.S. version )

Great song. CLICK HERE to download album ... Click "try it" and copy and paste link.. Make note of password on the site .. Cheers


Hello and welcome back... I first heard this song on a compilation record called  1984 shakin ( DOWNLOAD HERE ). The Venetians were a Australian band and this song was one of a string of hits and came off the album "step off the edge" in 1985
You can also Listen or Download this song and others HERE from my Mixtape series .. Enjoy

The Venetians - Chinese i's

TIL TUESDAY - voices carry

Hi and welcome back... Its her voice, Amy Mann, lead singer for "til tuesday" has on of the most incredible voices in music. This is other album i found in my local library.Voices carry was released in 1985 and the single with the same name went to no8 on the music charts. The song was originally sung by a woman to a woman but due to pressure it changed to a woman to a man ( political correctness strikes again, even in the 80s ). The album also had a couple of other hits including "love in a vacuum" and "looking over my shoulder". My favorite song would be "no more crying" with its melodic guitars and that magic voice.. I leave you with some ending moments in voices carry = "He said, shut up! He said, shut up! Oh God, can't you keep it down?...") as she removes her cap to reveal her signature spiky, rat-tailed hair.. God i love the 80s.. Track listings are =

1 = love in a vacuum

2 = looking over my shoulder

3 = i could get used to this

4 = no more crying

5 = voices carry

6 = winning the war

7 = you know the rest

8 = maybe monday

9 = are you serious

10 = don't watch me bleed

11 = sleep

The video of "voices carry" sends a few tears in my eyes... You can almost feel her pain, Either that or my medication just kicked in.. haha .. CLICK HERE to download album and remember if your in a music store ( or itunes ) please buy the album.. Support the artist.. Many thanks to babakazoo for the link.. Peace and love :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

THE FLIRTS - danger

Hello again... Staying with the theme of the last song ( italio hi-nrg disco ) i remembered this song. I first heard this song when a work college who was Italian had this song playing on his car stereo and loved it... fast foward 20 years i stumbled across it while on youtube, yesss... never thought i would hear this song again. The flirts are from NewYork and was created by mastermind music producer " bobby orlando" ( bobby O ) in 1983.

                                                                                                                                                                 THE FLIRTS - danger

Love it ... CLICK HERE to Download this song & others from my Mixtape series.....cheers

TAFFY - i love my radio ( lost hit )

Hello again.. I am having a blast remembering the songs often forgotten...This is one of them.. Listening to this song one morning on my way to work ( 4am ) it was one of those songs that stayed in your head all day, Shame it was a one hit wonder ( that i know of ). It went under the banner of italio hi-nrg disco and was heavy on the synths, It was also no6 in the u.k charts in 1985.. Play it loud .. yeah

TAFFY - i love my radio

Brilliant ... CLICK HERE to Download I Love My Radio and more from my Mixtape series ... ENJOY

Sunday, February 6, 2011

RE-FLEX - Politics of Dancing

Hello and welcome back... Another of my favorite bands...

'Re-flex' or 'Reflex' ( nothing to do with Duran Duran ) was mainly known for the one hit wonder "the politics of dancing".

I first heard this song on a compilation tape called "1984 The Beat" ( download here  ) and loved it ..
The album "Politics of Dancing" was let loose in 1983 and had some decent songs on it ( but didn't chart well ) songs like "Praying to the Beat", "Hitline", "Hurt" and my pick of the album "Keep in Touch"... Why this song was not a single is beyond me.. its one of those songs i never get bored listening to..
Have a listen and you be the judge... Simply incredible band..

 Track listings are =

1 = Praying to the Beat

2 = Hitline

3 = Hurt

4 = Couldn't stand a Day

5 = Politics of Dancing

6 = Something about You

7 = Pointless

8 = Jungle

9 = Sensitive

10 = Keep in Touch

I so want to go back to the 80s... anyone who has a time machine, please let me know .. CLICK HERE to download album ( click "try it" and copy and paste into web address ).. make note of the password on the site ..many thanks to new romantic rules blogspot for the links
Also CLICK HERE to listen or Download songs from this album & more, from my Mixtape series  .. enjoy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

NENA - anyplace,anywhere,anytime ( lost hit )

Hello there... I will make this a quick post as my computer is giving me grief, It is currently 43 deg c with no air conditioning and humidity is like 80%... its hot.
 After Nena had success with 99 luft balloons she teamed up with Kim Wilde and came out with this gem of a song... brilliant

NENA ( FT KIM WILDE ) - anyplace,anywhere,anytime

WOW - Nena and Kim together...hey its like a dream i had the other night ( won't go there ) haha
Won't forget this song
NENA - 99 luft balloons

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CABARET VOLTAIRE - hypnotised ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Going back to late 1989 i used to listen to Triple j ( radio ) alot mainly because they had a segment on Saturday night where people would ring up and request songs... One of the songs that caught my ear was this song.... Late 1989 was hard time for me as i spent 4 months in hospital ( broken pelvis 4 places - dislocated shoulder - massive internal injury's ) = (bike accident ) so i kinda looked forward to a little cheering up or being forced to watch "hey-hey its Saturday" on tv  ( it was quite funny ).. so yes ,this song has great meaning to me, hope you enjoy ...


Love the scenes of Chicago and the people in it, and the bit in the middle that sounds like a star wars fighting scene..The album that this song came of was called groovy, laidback and nasty.
CLICK HERE to Download "Hypnotised" and more from my Mixtape series ....Enjoy