Thursday, January 13, 2011

Men without hats - greatest hats

Hello and welcome back... Who could forget the safety dance.. it was so catchy but they were far from a one hit wonder. This was another band that I found in my local library (tape not the band), and then went and brought the tape ( $7.95 at brashes ) but lost it a week later, moving one year I found it and relived the magic that was "Men without Hats".
 I chose this compilation because it covers all their best work in one go,this album was released in 1997 and had hits like "Safety Dance", "Antarctica", "I got the Message" and "Pop goes the World".
 My favorite would be "Where do the Boys go?" with its melodic synths and driving beats its one song I never get sick of... Happy music.

Track listings are =

1 = safety dance

2 = living in china

3 = Antarctica ( live )

4 = i got the message

5 = i like

6 = where do the boys go

7 = freeways

8 = pop goes the world

9 = on Tuesday

10 = sideways

11 =editions of you

 SORRY , could not go past this ... remake of safety dance by glee cast ( Artie ), some remakes suck but this is brilliant ..

CLICK HERE  to Download "Where do the Boys Go" and more from my Mixtape series

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