Saturday, January 22, 2011

A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS - flock of seagulls

Hello and welcome back ... I have fond memories of this band, first heard them on triple m FM Sydney in stereo ( mono was all the rage ) ... I love the flock of seagulls,they had a sound that was unique and really stood out.The song  "I ran" was there biggest song with a string of others like "space age love song" ,& "telecommunication". Can't go past "i ran" which is my pick on this album, it was a song way ahead of its time with its sweeping guitars and smooth synths... its a song i never get sick of hearing. Track listing is =

1 = i ran ( so far away )

2 = space age love song

3 = you can run

4 = don't ask me

5 = messages

6 = telecommunication ( live )

7 = modern love is automatic

8 = standing in a doorway

9 = d.n.a

10 = man made

rock with da flock.. haha ... CLICK HERE  to download album ... 
many thanks to for the link ... enjoy

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