Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hello and welcome back...First of all, i will take this opportunity to thank all my readers and to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a safe new year.

My top five Christmas songs are personal favorites of mine and are from the 80s ( of course ).
There are probability some I've missed but these are what come to mind this time of year... All the best.


2 = WHAM - last christmas

3 = JOHN LENNON - so this is christmas

4 = PAUL McCARTNEY - wonderful Christmas time

5 = JONA LEWIE - stop the cavalry

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Duran Duran's 1984 "live" album was a mix of several albums including "Rio", "seven & the ragged tiger" and a new single called "wild boys". Strangely wild boys doesn't even sound live as the audience seems to have disappeared. Still its an excellent album. Arena was re-released in 2004 and included songs "girls on film" and "Rio".
My favorite song on this album would be "hungry like the wolf", I think it's a song that sounds better "live" than studio, for me hearing a band live gives you a idea of how good the musicians are or if they let the studio do all the work. Duran Duran is a excellent band live and this album proves this. A great snapshot of  80s electronic music. Enjoy
Track listings =
1 = Is There Something I Should Know?

2 = Hungry Like The Wolf

                                     FAST FORWARD 29 YEARS

3 = New Religion

4 = Save A Prayer

5 = Wild Boys

6 = The Seventh Stranger

7 = The Chauffeur

8 = Union Of The Snake

9 = Planet Earth

10 = Careless Memories

11 = Girls On Film ( bonus 2004 )

12 = Rio ( bonus 2004 )

Simply brilliant...CLICK HERE to Download "Duran Duran" and more from my Mixtape series.... Enjoy

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A WORTHY APP - Stereophonic Equalizer 3D Sound iPhone app

Hello and welcome back.. Every now and then you come across something worthy of a mention. Being a huge fan of 80s music sometimes it sounds flat or it seems to have lost its oomph. Enter this neat app, I have it on my iPhone and its one of the best sounding apps I've heard in a long time.

This app reminds me of an amp i had back in the 80s. You can choose the pesets or leave it on manual and have some fun, the best thing is if you get a bit excited and overdo the sound it will go into the red and won't distort the sound... brilliant.
If you like the setting you have created you press the middle button and save your work. Just a hint - when the red power button is lit its on standby, when you press it and the light goes out - its on.

Press the arrow button on the bottom left and you are on the visual deck. The visuals are stunning with similar to what is on the iTunes visualizer, some of them are mind boggling and don't miss a beat. Press the eye button to change. Press the center button for album artwork.

 Now this is where it gets interesting, this deck has a stereo widening similar to surround sound or 3d stereo and the second slider is like a stadium echo effect.. Lots of fun for just $0.99 ( aust ).. Worth the money to enhance your music collection. Well done to the developers.. a 10/10

Check out the funky video below... Cheers.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

VAN HALEN - dreams ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Dreams was from the1986 album "5150" and the main video for this song features the "blue angels".. has to be one of the best video clips made, with the silky smooth synths and Eddie van Halen classic guitar playing, its a fitting video for this song.
This song was used at the end of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie".
The album 5150 was named after Eddie's home studio, and is also a police code in the U.S ( mentally disturbed person ).
This album also had the hit "why can't this be love"..A brilliant album.

Why Cant This Be Love

Simply Brilliant...CLICK HERE to SAMPLE album. Password = alma hard aor ( watch out for bullsht popups ).. huge thanks to for the links.. cheers.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

EURYTHMICS - 10 favourite songs ( my mix tape )

Hello and welcome back... I am a huge fan of the Eurythmics and just recently i purchased the album "best of" from iTunes. O.k .. time for my gripe. HALF the songs are missing, when you call an album "the best of" i would hope it had most of the "best stuff" on it.. Not so.
Missing songs are "sex crime 1984", "( i love you ) like a ball and chain", "Beethoven" and "never gonna cry again". These songs are to me some of the best songs the Eurythmics have ever made, so i made my own mix tape, not necessarily the "best of" but the missing songs and then some.
I have also included some live songs as well so there may be 2 of the same songs but sounding different. I made this mixtape from 7 different albums and haven't stopped playing it. Hope you enjoy.

1 = I Could Give You A Mirror

2 = Sex Crime 1984 ( live )

3 = Sweet Dreams ( Hot Remix )

4 = I've Got An Angel

5 = ( I Love You ) Like A Ball And Chain


1 = Beethoven

2 = Never Gonna Cry Again ( Live )

3 = Revival

4 = Sex Crime 1984

5 = Ball & Chain ( live )

The live versions are absolutely stunning. If you like my mixtape you could Download almost every album and pick through the different songs OR you could DOWNLOAD a software ( free ) called Freestudio, this software has a program that allows you to extract the audio from you-tube videos ( most of them are HD ) and make a Excellent album that beats the music that you don't get on a " best of".. cheers

Monday, November 21, 2011

ULTRAVOX - the collection

Hello and welcome back.. My stint in hospital went well and many thanks for your best wishes.
Ultravox was fronted by two singers depending on which song your listening to. John Foxx was the first and left the band around 78-79 and was replaced by Midge Ure in the early 80s.
This band is the essential new wave sound with classic experimental noise and heavy use of analogue synths
Ultravox released this "best of" in 1984 and for me captures the essential sounds of the 80s, I even had a coloured picture disc on vinyl when it first came out. This album shot to no 2 in the U.K music charts and had a slather of hits including "hymn", "the voice", "Vienna", "we came to dance" & "loves great adventure".
My pick of this album would have to be "sleepwalk", its just a perfect  electronic song with a catchy beat. Enjoy.
Track listings are =
1 = Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

2 = Hymn

3 = The Thin Wall

4 = The Voice

5 = Vienna

6 = Passing Strangers

7 = Sleepwalk

8 = Reap The Wild Wind

9 = All Stood Still

10 = Visions In Blue

11 = We Came To Dance

12 = One Small Day

13 = Love's Great Adventure

14 = Lament

Love this band... CLICK HERE to download album.. Massive thanks to for the link.. Please make sure you say THANKS to baba... he is a "legend".  Cheers.

Friday, November 11, 2011

ENERGY 52 - cafe del mar ( dj kid paul mix ) ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. Shortly after the 80's, Acid (Music not the drug :)) was introduced, a type of music know as trance was also becoming popular.
Blend acid and dance, and one of the best songs I think was this song by "Energy 52 - Cafe del mar"
This song came out around 1993 and has a slathering of remixes that would make you dizzy but this one called the "DJ Kid Paul Mix" has to be my favorite.
There is 2 parts to this song, the first is classic synth trance & the second part which starts around 4.55 is more of a moody sweeping trance.
Sounds incredible on a set of headphones. Hope you enjoy.

Takes me back...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

ROXETTE - look sharp

Hello and welcome back.. The Swedish duo of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel known as Roxette came out with this gem of an album in 1988.
I have always been a big fan of Roxette, love the use of vocals between Marie & Per and also the use of synths to create the mood of the songs.
The album "Look Sharp" made it to no2 in the Australian music charts, strangely it only managed a no23 in the U.S.
A string of hits on this album included "the look", "dressed for success", "sleeping single", "dance away", "chances", "dangerous" & "listen to your heart".
My pick of the album is a hard decision, there are so many excellent songs to choose from but i went with "(i could never) give you up", its an emotional song for those who have lost in love or had a loved one leave .. Brilliant album.. a 10/10.
Track listings are =
1 = The Look

2 = Dressed For Success

3 = Sleeping Single

4 = Paint

5 = Dance Away

6 = Cry

7 = Chances

8 = Dangerous

9 = Half a women, Half a shadow

10 = View from a Hill

11 = ( I Could Never) Give You Up...                            ( why wasn't this song a single? )

12 = Shadow of a Doubt

13 = Listen to your Heart

Sorry, couldn't go past this... Love Baywatch

Amazes me how half these songs were not singles... CLICK HERE to Download "Roxette" and more from my Mixtape series....... cheers.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

TANGERINE DREAM - firestarter

Hello and welcome back...Taken from the 1984 movie "firestarter" staring Drew Barrymore, this piece of music from Tangerine Dream is a moody sweeping synth driven song and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. The movie itself is written by Steven King and is about a girl named Charlie who has special powers to set fire to things, it's a bit corny in places and fresh from her E.T stint, Drew does a good job at acting the part, but its the music that sets the scene..
This piece of music is called "Charly the kid" and is about the middle of the move when Charly and her dad are on the run from the authority's and they make it to the hideaway. Unfortunately , the authority's catch up with them and things get a little crispy.. A moving piece of music.. Enjoy.

Mesmerizing.. CLICK HERE to download "Firestarter" soundtrack.Massive thanks to for the link .. cheers

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... When actors decide to start a singing career it will either work or it will fail. David Hasselhoff tried and failed with "hooked on a feeling" ( well, i didn't like it ) but Kylie Minogue was pretty good. Eddie Murphy's attempt is pretty good depending on who you ask.. I like this song, its snappy, upbeat and a feel good song with guest appearances from Rick James ( the dude with the golden locks ). This song was also written and produced by Rick so it was only fitting he was in the video."Party all the time" was let loose on the general population in 1985 and went straight to no2 on the U.S music charts. In 1989 Eddie had a minor hit with" put your mouth on me" which sounded like a cross between Prince and Milli Vanilli. ( my opinion )
To keep the vibe going in 2006 the band "Deep Dish" did a dance version of the song know as P.A.T.T. ( party all the time ).  Brilliant sounds.

EDDIE MURPHY - party all the time.

EDDIE MURPHY - put your mouth on me.

DEEP DISH - p.a.t.t. ( party all the time )

Love it... CLICK HERE to download 7" single.. Password = newromanticrules
Massive thanks to for the link.. Enjoy.

Monday, October 31, 2011

MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller ( lost hit - halloween special )

Hello and welcome back.. My first introduction of thriller was when i went with my dad to a audio convention in Sydney and i saw the full 14 minute video "Thriller"on a huge CD called a laser-disc. "This is the way of the future" stated the salesman.. Wrong.
While the laser-disc failed, Thriller didn't. Neither did the album which went on to become a no1 worldwide. For me this is the best video clip ever made ( my opinion )
So on this Halloween i thought i would recap all things spooky. Enjoy.
MICHAEL JACKSON - thriller  ( full video )

CLICK HERE to download.. big thank you to (don't forget to say thank you)

This is incredible...House light display ft Thriller .. Thanks to KJ92508 for the use of his video.

ELVIRA - mistress of the dark. ( ft tassel dance )


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NIK KERSHAW - the best of

Hello and welcome back... I think there is something about "Nik Kershaw's" songs, there so catchy and easy to sing to. Even my 6 year old loves his music.
I chose this album because it has one of my favourite songs called "dark glasses", this song should have been a single and is my pick of the album. Also on this album is "wouldn't be good", "the riddle", "won't let the sun go down on me", & "wide boy".
Nik is best know for the video where an moving image is transferred onto his suit. First time this technology was ever used. see if you can pick, from which video. cheers
Track listings are =

1 = wouldn't it be good.

2 = the riddle

3 = dark glasses

4 = don quixote

5 = monkey business

6 = when a heart beats

7 = city of angels

8 = dancing girls

9 = progress

10 = i wont let the sun go down on me ( love this song )

11 = so quiet

12 = radio musicola

13 = she cries

14 = nobody knows

15 =cloak and dagger

16 = wide boy

17 = one of our fruit machine's are missing

18 = human racing

Bring back the mullet.. CLICK HERE to download.. make a note of the password, you may need it.
Massive thanks to for the link ( don't forget to say thanks ).. cheers.

NIK STILL HAS IT - concert in 2008  ( wouldn't it be good )

Sunday, October 23, 2011

THE DAMNED - eloise ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Originally sung by a 60s singer ( Barry Ryan ) the song Eloise gave "The Damned" a 1986 no 3 chart hit in the U.K.
The strange thing about this song is that it was never on any studio album, just a single only.
I remember hearing this song on radio and instantly liking the tune, brought it on vinyl the next day. The funny thing was that after this song came out alot of babies in 1986 that were named "Eloise" ( true fact ).

Takes me back.. CLICK HERE to download single.. its in zip format so create a folder to unzip into before downloading.. thanks to for the link. Enjoy

Thursday, October 20, 2011

COCK ROBIN - just around the corner ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... I like the sound of this song, i heard it on 977-the 80s channel ( internet radio ) a few nights ago and fell in love with it. I'll admit i have never heard of this band before but this song is a mix of human emotion, great voice and smooth melodies. This song is from the 1987 album "After here through midland" which managed a no4 in France on the music charts.The band "Cock Robin" is an American band but were fairly popular in Europe.
The band was named after a 17th century story titled "The Marriage of Cock Robin and Jenny Wren". An Excellent song, I kinda expected the guy singing in the video to start crying at the end.  A Power ballad at its best. Enjoy.

CLICK HERE to download.. p/w = 80sonspeed       thanks to for the link

Still in the ballad department, i thought i would share this new song i found myself listening to and can't stop playing. Again another band/singer i had never heard of but a very catchy song.. Sounds incredibly like "Peter Gabriel". He is a Belgian/Australian and goes under the banner of "Gotye" and the song is called "somebody that i used to know" and is off the album "Making Mirrors". This video has had 11 million views.. That's impressive.

CLICK HERE to download.. massive thanks to for the link. The file is in Zip format so create a folder before you download to unzip into..
Remember if you like what you hear, please support the artist and BUY their album so this great work can continue.. Many thanks.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

ALMOST THE 80S - various artists ( my top 10 of the 70s )

Hello and welcome back... Knocking on 80s door was the 70s, home to disco, bell-bottomed pants, satin shirts and some of the best analog synths sounds that you could dance to. Sadly, you don't hear these songs much any more so I thought I would re-live them. I was only about 8 or 9 when most of these songs came out, so I blame my parents for this. My dad loved music and would often have the stereo up real loud, unfortunately it seemed to piss my mother off and at the end of each song came the call " Turn the music down" only to be gradually turned back up when she left the room... Well, I thought it was funny at the time. ( they are now divorced )  This is my top 10 songs from the second best decade... the 70s.  Enjoy.

1 = EARTH, WIND & FIRE - September  1978 

2 = M - Pop Muzik  1979

3 = PATRICK HERNANDEZ - Born To Be Alive   1979

4 = BUGGLES - Video Killed The Radio Star   1979  

CLICK HERE  to download single... thanks to for the link

5 = GARY NUMAN - Cars   1979

CLICK HERE to download single.. thanks to for the link (press go to download)

6 = DONNA SUMMER - I Feel Love  1978

CLICK HERE to download.. thanks to

7 = BLONDIE - Heart Of Glass   1979

CLICK HERE to download album... thanks to for the link.

8 = HOT BUTTER - Popcorn   1972

9 = PLAYER ONE - Space Invaders  1980

10 = ABBA - sos    1975

CLICK HERE to download.. thanks to for the link.

You can see where some 80s bands got their inspiration.. Magic sounds..Cheers.
A book from the 70's.. Sweet.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

JEAN MICHEL JARRE - the essential jean michel jarre ( 1983 )

Hello and welcome back .. Sometimes, for me, music is more than just music, its a journey for the mind and this album takes me there. I was first hooked on this type of music when my dad brought this album in 1985  and the incredible sounds that one man ( Jean Michel Jarre ) can make on a synthesizer. The amount of albums this artist has is mind boggling and just goes to show how creative he is. The main stand out track on this album would have to be "Oxygene part 2" and was used in the war movie "Gallipoli" which stared Mel Gibson. This song is a visual treat for your ears as bullets fly past and the pulsating synths replicate footsteps running for your life. Other songs that stand out for me are "Equinox part 5", "Magnetic fields part 2", "Orient Express" and "Fishing junks at sunset". For me a 10/10 album.
Track listings are =

1 = Oxygene 4

2 = Equinoxe 5

3 = Oxygene 2 ( my pick of the album )

4 = Magnetic Fields 2

5 = Orient Express

6 = Magnetic Fields 1

7 = Fishing Junks At Sunset

8 = The Overture ( live in China )

9 = Equinoxe 4

10 = Oxygene 6

11 = Magnetic Fields 4

12 = Equinoxe 3

13 = Equinoxe 1

14 =Magnetic Fields 5

Simply Brilliant .... CLICK HERE to download.. Massive thanks to for the very rare link.. cheers.

Monday, October 3, 2011

SPANDAU BALLET - confused ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. This song and a few others was on "Spandau Ballet's" first album Journeys to Glory and came out in 1981.Other songs on this album include "musclebound"," the freeze", and "to cut a long story short" which is also a huge favorite of mine. I chose this song because its not a song you hear very often, if at all but it has a great tune with sweeping synths and the vocals of Tony Hadley are amazing .. simply brilliant, hope you like. cheers.




An excellent 80s album.. CLICK HERE to download the remastered and expanded version of Journeys to glory.. Massive thanks to for the links. Make a note of the password on his page , you may need it. cheers

Saturday, September 24, 2011

DEBBIE HARRY - rush rush ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Sounding incredibly like "Berlin - no more words" this song came out in 1983 and was off the soundtrack of "Scarface". This was the second workings with keyboard guru  Giorgio Moroder after the Blondie song "call me". This song also made it to a comfortable position of 87 in the U.K dance charts. A classic synth sound from the 80s from one of the most loved singers Debbie Harry.


Excellent..... CLICK HERE to Download this song & more from my Mixtape series.....!/blondieofficial

Thursday, September 15, 2011

PETER HOWELL - dr who theme 1980-85

NO INTRODUCTION NEEDED  - one of the best shows on TV and one of the best themes.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NENA - nur getrumt ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Before "99 luftballons" Nena ( Gabriele Susanne Kerner ) was hardly known except in her home town Germany, where she had this small 1982 hit. I love this song, it has the energy of raw electronics with the voice of a young Nena... before they went commercial as most bands do mainly by record company's trying to polish up their image... still, it a fun song. enjoy

Absolutely Stunning ... CLICK HERE to download album ... massive thanks to for the link.. cheers

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Wow, how to introduce this band.
"Time Bandits" were a Dutch band and they sing one of my all time favorite songs "Endless Road".. for some, its one of those songs that people hear and go.. "I remember that song"..
It was huge here in Australia.
Another song was also a big hit was "I'm only Shooting Love".. , These songs came out around 1985 and was one of the many songs I first heard in Christmas 1985 when I received my first Walkman.. A magical time spent in the warm sun listening to stereo for the first time.. amazing..
 Other songs I like are "I won't Steal Away"," I'm Specialized in You" &" Sister Paradise" ..
The sounds of the 80s, Right Here

1 = ENDLESS ROAD  (Thanks to WarnerMusicVideos for the video)

2 = I'M ONLY SHOOTING LOVE  (Thanks to James Reed Johnson for the video)

I WON'T STEAL AWAY  (Thanks to webportalavro for the video)

I'M SPECIALIZED IN YOU   (Thanks to Magnificon for the video)

SISTER PARADISE   (Thanks to Gordon Shumway for the video)

DANCING ON A STRING   (Thanks to kdee007 for the video)

LISTEN TO THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN VOICE  (Thanks to MusicVideoStudiosTas for the video)



Monday, September 5, 2011

KIM WILDE - say you really want me ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back...Kim Wilde at her sensual best.. this sexy number came out in 1987 and was a single on the album "Another step".
The video has Kim in some classic dance moves and some sexy bedroom scenes... Do i detect a hint of "George Micheal's - i want your sex" in the background?... love this ... Kim is an amazing woman and it shows in this video... 10/10

 KIM WILDE - say you really want me 


Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hello and welcome back... For me 1982 was a year that i enjoyed, i was only 12 but still remember the music, visits to my nans, watching E.T on my neighbors telly... i must say looking back, life seemed much easier and layed back, then again i was only 12. Music wise albums by Men without Hats, Visage ,Thomas Dolby, Spandau Ballet & Michael Jackson was released.The biggest compilation album was "1982 - with a bullet"... Movies we watched were E.T, Rocky 3, 48hrs and Blade Runner...Fashion was huge with "Ra-ra skirts", "legwarmers" and bad hair were all the rage... this is my top 10 videos of 1982... enjoy ( aaahhh the memories )

1 = HOT CHOCOLATE - started with a kiss

2 = HUMAN LEAGUE - don't you want me

3 = BUCKS FIZZ - land of make believe

4 = FRIDA - i know there's something going on


6 = ROD STEWART - young turks

7 = FR DAVID - pick up the phone

8 = PETE SHELLEY - homosapien

9 = THE CHURCH - almost with you

10 = DEPECHE MODE - just cant get enough

Brilliant ... CLICK HERE to Download "Bucks Fizz" and more from my Mixtape series..... cheers

Friday, August 26, 2011

FURNITURE - brilliant mind ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Strange name for a band..Furniture were a U.K group and scored the hit "brilliant mind" in 1986... unfortunately the band seemed to have a run of bad luck from various record company's. The thing that stands out for me in this song is the lyrics... nobody writes lyrics like this anymore... it's poetry at its best with a catchy but moody song, and a twang of a guitar now & then, sounding a cross between "Depeche Mode", "The Cure" with subtle hints of "New Order"... well, it does to me anyway. enjoy

Excellent song... CLICK HERE to Download or listen to this song & others from my Mixtape series...cheers

Monday, August 15, 2011

BERLIN - sex ( i'm a ) ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... Time to get saucy, I love this song... one of "Berlins" best.
Back in the 80s, 'Sex' was too fruity to put on daytime tv and was reserved for late night viewers only but in today's society it looks quiet tame..
'Sex' came out in 1982, lead vocals by Terri Nunn and was from the album "Pleasure Victim"





Friday, August 12, 2011

DEAD OR ALIVE - thats the way i like it ( best of )

Hello and welcome back... Spanning all the 80s hits, this compilation from "Dead or alive" covers all the best songs that i grew up with. I also like the sound quality of the album... sounds very clear and polished. Dead or alive front-man "Pete Burns" has to me, one of the best voices and it reins supreme in this best of,which includes hits like "spin me round", "my heart goes bang", "brand new lover", "save you all my kisses", and my pick of the album "brand new lover" with its melodic synths and lyrics you can sing to.. this is a brilliant album... cheers
Track listings are =

1 = spin me round ( like a record )

2 = that's the way i like it

3 = lover come back to me

4 = in too deep

5 = my heart goes bang ( get me to the doctor ) ( live - not on album  )

6 = brand new lover

7 = something in my house

8 = hooked on love ( live - not on album )

9 = i'll save you all my kisses

10 = turn around and count to ten

11 = come home with me baby

12 = misty circles

13 = what i want

14 = i'd do anything

15 = lover come back to me ( extended mix )

16 = my heart goes bang ( American "wipe-out" mix )

17 = something in my house ( mortevicar mix )

18 = spin me round (like a record) ( murder mix )

Simply excellent music

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello and welcome back... What a great song..

The sexually charged "All Touch" was sung by the Canadian band ' Rough Trade' and was their first 1981 U.S hit.

The lead singer (Carole Pope) has one of the best raunchy voices in music ( i think ) which matched her attire sometimes, often seen strutting the stage in her bondage gear and singing lesbian themes...

You Go Girl... compared to some of her other videos, this is quiet tame.. cheers


Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello and welcome back... Possibly the best era for music.. Ever.( me thinks )..
As a synth loving dude, I loved this era..
The "New Romantic" era starting roughly 1979 - 1984 and with punk now dead ( kind of )..clubs around London  ( Blitz & st Moritz ) started to cater for a different taste, fronted by heavy synths, big hair and puffy pirate shirts ...
Bands like "Adam & the ants", "spandau ballet", "Visage" and "Duran Duran" took to this scene like a duck to water...
In Australia we had similar bands ( "real life", "pseudo echo", "dear enemy" and "kids in the kitchen" ) that were sort of in this "new romantic" category.. So i have decided, for your musical pleasure to look at my top 10 "New romantic" bands and remember the best era of synth music.. enjoy..

UPDATE - 28/03/2014 = Music Download now available...

No 1 = VISAGE - fade to grey

No 2 = SPANDAU BALLET = cut a long story short

No 3 = DURAN DURAN - girls on film ( naughty version ) ( warning - nudity )

no 4 = CLASSIX NOUVEAUX - guilty

no 5 - ADAM & THE ANTS - stand and deliver

no 6 = JAPAN - quiet life

no 7 = HEAVEN 17 - temptation

no 8 = TRANS X - message on my radio

no 9 = KAJAGOOGOO - too shy

no 10 = ULTRAVOX - the voice

Again ... my request goes out for a time machine .. ANYONE ???.. Maybe one day in the future or was that the past.. cheers.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

COLDCUT - doctorin' the house ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back.. In the late 80s i was lucky enough to be old enough to visit nightclubs when the acid scene was just coming out... This song is one of the first songs i heard. Vocals on this song are done by Yazz ( think "only way is up" ) with snippets from the tv show "Plastic man". This song made it to no6 in the music charts and stayed there for 4 weeks and was also on the compilation album "video hits"..
Classic acid with a pumping beat.. Love the 80s.

COLDCUT - doctorin' the house

YAZZ - the only way is up.


Excellent music...CLICK HERE 
to Download "Doctorin the House" and more from my Mixtape series.....Enjoy

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ALPHAVILLE - forever young

Hello and welcome back...Ever now and then you stumble across an album that, from start to finish is a real treat.. This album is one of them.. Just about every song on this album is a musical journey and its one that never loses time. A friend of mine lent me a copy and i was hooked.. I had heard of the main song before "forever young" but it has a slather of other worthy songs like "big in japan", "sounds like a melody"," the jet set", and "summer in Berlin" which is my pick of the album with its sweeping melody's and frisky beats... I could almost close my eyes and imagine driving through the German country side in summer time. This album was let loose in 1984 and went to no 8 in the U.K and no 5 in Europe.. For me a 10/10 album..
Track listings are =

1 = A victory of love ( not original video ) ( thanks to TheRosePhantom for the video )

2 = Summer in Berlin ( Thanks again TheRosePhantom for brilliant work on the video )

3 = Big in Japan

4 = To Germany with love

5 = Fallen angel

6 = Forever young

7 = In the mood

8 = Sounds like a melody

9 = Lies

10 = The jet set

Simply Brilliant....CLICK HERE to download album..album is in zip format so create a folder for your files to unzip into...( once downloaded, right click and unzip into folder ) massive thanks to for the link.. cheers


Hello, and welcome back.. As a lover of 80s music and owner of a iPhone i have came across a app worth checking out.. Some 80s music sounds flat because the recording process ( mp3/aac ) but this app adds a vibrancy to your sounds.. called "EQU the quality equalizer "  it adds equalization But it also has a surround type sound that really brings your music to life.. It sells for $2.99 and after trying about every app available, this one has replaced the normal music player on my player.. Worth every cent.. cheers.

Note = this post is my own view and i do not own or have anything to do with the owner of this terrific app.. I am a huge believer that if a product is of excellent quality then its worth spreading the word & no, i'm not getting paid for this. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

BALTIMORA - tarzan boy ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... A fun song with a Tarzan call for a chorus is basically what this song is all about. Came out around 1985 and went under the banner of "italo disco"... also went to no 5 in the music charts in Italy, Germany & Denmark. Baltimora is actually a band with lead singer being Irish singer "Jimmy McShane" ... Sadly jimmy died in 1995.. For me i love the cat noise at the end of the chorus .. funny stuff.. enjoy

 BALTIMORA - tarzan boy

AAHH the memorys... CLICK HERE to Download"Tarzan Boy" and more from my Mixtape series......Cheers

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ERASURE - pop 20 hits

Hello and welcome back... Fronted by one of the biggest legends in electronic music "Vince Clarke" ( in-case you have been sleeping under a rock.. Vince Clarke is also behind bands "depeche mode" and "yazoo" ), Erasure has been at the front of pioneering the best of synth music for several decades. "Vince" along with "Andy Bell" on vocals has had a slather of hits and this album captures the essence of who "Erasure" are. This album also went no1 in the U.K. and includes the hits like "oh l'amour", "sometimes", "you surround me", "take a chance on me"( Abba remake ) and my pick of the album "drama"... with is moody synths and punchy beats its a track i simply never get tired of listening to.. enjoy
Track listing are =
 1 = who needs love like that

2 = heavenly action

3 = oh l'amour

4 = sometimes

5 = it doesn't have to be

6 = victim of love

7 = the circus

8 = ship of fools

9 = chains of love

10 = a little respect

11 = stop

12 = drama

13 = you surround me

14 blue savannah

15 = star

16 = chorus

17 = love to hate you

18 = am i right

19 = breath of life ( my second pick of the album : ) )

20 = take a chance on me

21 = who needs love like that ( hamburg mix )

Simply Amazing... CLICK HERE to download... password =
A big thank you to for the link .. cheers

Monday, July 18, 2011

JEAN BEAUVOIR - feel the heat ( lost hit )

Hello and welcome back... If you have seen the movie "Cobra" ( Sylvester Stallone ) then you will recognize this song. As "cobra" rides away on his Harley you can hear this song leading into the end credits. "Feel the heat" was released in 1986 by American singer "Jean Beauvoir" and was off the album "Drums along the Mohawk". Jean was in the band "The Plasmatics" before going solo.. Brilliant song.
Jean has a "facebook" page = CLICK HERE
Jean has a "myspace" page = CLICK HERE ( hear new songs )

JEAN BEAUVOIR - feel the heat

LOVE the mohawk... CLICK HERE to Download or listen to this song & others from my Mixtape Series.....Cheers.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE BEATMASTERS - anywayawanna

Hello and welcome back.... A tv commercial jingle is what started this band to release one of the best dance albums in the late 80s... Jammin  next to bands like "s-express", "bomb the bass" and "coldcut", "the beatmasters" had a funky style mixed with serious dance undertones. Set free in 1989, "anywayawanna" was a hit in the U.K reaching top 30 on the music charts and includes hits like "who's in the house", "hey dj/i can't dance", "burn it up", "ska train" and my pick off the album "rok da house"( original mix ).. with its thumping beats and grooving piano's, its a song i never get sick of listening to... A 10/10 album.  cheers
Track listings are =

1 = who's in the house

2 = hey dj/ i can't dance ( to that music your playing ) ft "Betty Boo"

3 = burn it up ( on the groove tip ) ( remix )

4 = warm love

5 = ska train

6 = rok da house ( w.e.f.u.n.k. ) mix

7 = make me feel

8 = don't stop the beat

9 = midnight girl

10 = Sarayet-Sayam Sembtaé (Pt. 1)

11 = rok da house ( original )

12 = burn it up ( original mix ) ft PP Arnold

Funky tunes.... CLICK HERE to download... A big thank you to for the link... enjoy