Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Twins - A wild romance

Hello and welcome back ... No this band is not the Thompson twins, this band is from Germany. I first heard this band when i borrowed this cassette from the library and is one of my most loved for classic synth bands.There are no twins in the band but came up with the name for 2 people in a band ( confused ? ).The album "a wild romance" was released in 1983 and had hits like "love system" and "not the loving kind". my favourite has to be "men of destiny" with its sweeping synths and funky electric drums. Pure Bliss
Track listings are =
 1 = love system

2 =ballet dancer

3 =a wild romance

4 = private eye ( live ) not on album

5 = facts of love ( live )

6 = criminal love

 7 = not the loving kind

8 = must have her back

9 = why don't you

10 = men of destiny

11 = between the woman and you

They sound pretty good live, don't you think... CLICK HERE to Download "Not the Loving Kind" and more from my Mixtape series..... Enjoy

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