Friday, December 3, 2010

Pseudo Echo - autumnal park

Welcome back.... another of my favourite bands of the 80s is Pseudo echo, there's something about certain bands that give them the edge and this is one of them.. heavy use of electric drums and crafty synths make this album stand out... kinda raw sound  before they went commercial and Bryan Canhams smooth vocals are a standout. I have been lucky enough to not only see this amazing band live but to meet bryan and dribble ( kinda like that scene in Wayne's world when they meet Alice cooper.. we're not worthy , i'm not worthy, i suck.. haha )
Autumnal park was set free in 1984 and contained  hits like "listening", "a beat for you" and "destination unknown".My favourite track has to be "stranger in me", i love the way the electric drums sound like a whip cracking and lyrics you can sing to.Track list is =

1 = autumnal park

2 = beat for you

3 = see through

4 = from the shore

5 = stranger in me ( live )

6 = dancing until midnight

7 = listening

8 = his eyes ( warning- horror gore )

9 = walkaway

10 = fast cars ( live )

11  = destination unknown

12 = in their time

13 = turning the pages

14 = scripts
CLICK HERE to Download "Listening" and more from my Mixtape series..... Enjoy

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