Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dead or alive - youthquake

Hello and greetings... Another of my favorite band of the 80s was "Dead or Alive". Before I got my car license I used to walk everywhere and I had brought a aiwa Walkman ( almost sounded as good as a cd ) and one of my favorite tapes was this album... The quality of the recording is excellent with good bass and crisp highs ( i think it was recorded on chrome ).
Formed by stock aitken waterman, this was there first group to hit number 1 after it was released in march 1985.. "spin me round" (like a record )  was a huge song along with my "my heart goes bang"  and they have a huge following in japan.. my favorite song would have to be "big daddy of the rhythm" with its electric synths and smooth vocals it one of the best ( sounding )albums of the 80s.

Track listings are  =
1 = You Spin me Round ( like a record )

2 = I Wanna be a Toy

3 = D.J. Hit that Button

4 = in too deep

5 = Big Daddy of the Rhythm

6 = Cake and Eat it

7 = Lover Come Back to Me

8 = My Heart goes Bang

9 = Its Been a Long Time

One of the "Hit Factory's" finest, an Amazing album.

CLICK HERE  to Download "Dead or Alive" and more from my Mixtape series.......Enjoy

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