Saturday, November 20, 2010

my first blog - Icehouse

Greetings to my first blog, my name is Michael and I live in Springwood in the blue mountains west of Sydney... I was lucky enough to have experienced the 80s as this was my teen years
I love 80s music, mainly 80s electronic music.
The many sounds that come out of a synthesizer is amazing... Icehouse has to be one of my favorite bands.
The band Icehouse started their career as "Flowers" in 1978 with Iva Davies ( Ivor Davies ) as lead vocals. First album was Icehouse and was let of the leash in 1980.
Icehouse was one of the first bands to use the "Fairlight" synthesizer which you can hear in most of their songs. A classic example of 80s electronic music.

Track listing is =

1 = icehouse

2 = we can get together

3 = fatman

4 = sister

5 = walls

6 = can't help myself

7 = skin

8 = sons

9 = boulevarde

10 = nothing to do

11 = not my kind

 Love this band...... CLICK HERE to Download Icehouse and other songs from my Mixtape series


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