Monday, November 22, 2010

a-ha - hunting high and low

Hello again and welcome...Staying in Europe, the Norwegian band "A-ha" is a love of mine.The voice of Morten Harket is simply golden backed up with punchy synths, this band back in the 80s was huge.
In 1985 the band released "Hunting High and Low" their first album and the video clip of "Take On Me" was ahead of its time.The comic strip comes to life in a love tale like no other and i often get chills as morten slams himself into the wall at the end.. Powerful stuff and a classic of the 80s... Track listings are  =

1 = take on me

2 = train of thought

3 = hunting high and low

4 = blue sky ( live )

5 = living a boys adventure tale

6 = sun always shines on tv

7 = and you tell me ( live )

8 = love is reason ( live )

9 = dream myself alive

10 = here i stand and face the rain

Excellent album ....  CLICK HERE  to Download awesome music from my Mixtape series...... Enjoy

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