Sunday, November 21, 2010

fancy - flames of love

Hello and welcome... Another of my favorite albums is by a German artist called Fancy ( aka - Manfred Alois Perilano ). I found his music by mistake on a "Bolero" mix album and liked instantly the song Flames of Love.
 Golden vocals and moody synths made this song a huge hit not so in Australia but in Europe.
The album "Flames of Love" was released in 1988. There are only 9 tracks on the album but every song is excellent. .Track list is =

1 = flames of love ( live )

2 = moscow is calling

3 = i can't live without you

4 = whats your name

5 = bodyguard

6 = spy in the night 

7 = tonight the devil wins my soul

8 = blue eyes lady

9 = china blue

Oh so 80s italo dance.. how i miss those days.. CLICK HERE to Download "Ladyo" and more from my Mixtape series........ cheers

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