Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Duran Duran - rio

Hello and welcome back.. I remember finding "Duran Duran - Rio" album while on holiday, I was in Forster NSW and was in a Go Lo ( discount ) shop ( I love those places ) and I almost choked when stumbling across this album for $9.95... Best $10 ever spent and I even got change.
 As I continued up the north coast on a toasty 32deg day with a cool coastal breeze and "Duran Duran" playing  loud in the background...aaaahhhh bliss.
 Rio was let loose in May 1982 and was an instant hit reaching no1 in Australia music charts.
My favorite song has to be "Hold Back The Rain" with its electric sounding synths and the crack of  electric drums.. Simply brilliant.
Track listings are =

1 = Rio

2 = My Own Way

3 = Lonely in your Nightmare

4 = Hungry Like The Wolf

5 = Hold Back The Rain

6 = New Religion

7 = Last Chance on the Stairway

8 = Save A Prayer

9 = The Chauffeur

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