Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Greetings once again... I remember back around 1984 when 2SM ( radio station in Sydney back in the 80s ) used to crank out the loudspeakers at school, I was playing a mean game of dodge ball when suddenly this amazing song was playing.
This song was turned out to be "Dear Enemy  - Computer One ".
I stopped dead in my tracks to savour the sweeping syths and catchy guitar riffs only to end suddenly, as a ball throw quite hard, hit me in the back of the head... OUCH.., But I was hooked, and the album "Ransom Note" has been a big favorite of mine since.
Track listings are =

1 = COMPUTER ONE  (Thanks to  Luigi Bastardo for the video)

2 = THE GOOD LIFE             (Thanks to Aussiebattlervideos2 for the video)

 3 = Talking To You

4 = All Through The Night

5 = Kids On The Street

6 = On The Line

7 = Restless

8 = Bit Of You Heart

9 = Day To Day

Excellent .......CLICK HERE to Download or Listen to "Computer One" & other songs from my Mixtape series... Cheers.


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